Traveling/Exiled's Rules

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Traveling/Exiled's Rules

Post  Hyoukai Hikaru on Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:58 pm

In this RPG, you can travel for a place to another. Even so, there are several rules to it...

1 - You can travel as fast as you wish inside of the village, but you have to use ALWAYS the village's streets to go from a place to another
2 - When traveling in to another country, you have to use this ''patch'': topic in the village RPG zone with the name ''[user]'s travel to [ths country to where you go name](noukenin doesn't need this)''-> topic in the villages country with the same name. Topic in the country to were you go with the name ''[user]'s travel to [country name] - Arrival''.
3 - You have to wait 30 minutes to continue to travel AFTER leave the village
4 - You have to wait 60 minutos to continue to travel AFTER leave a country.
5 - IF you are hunting someone, you have to wait at least 90 minutes till you find him.


Exiled Ninjas

When you exile, you can rank up too, but it's harder. Here is the tabel:

E Rank-D Rank - 3000 words
D Rank-C Rank - 10000 words & questionary (it will be sended by an ADMIN)
C Rank-B Rank - 20000 words & questionary (it'll be sended by an ADMIN)
B Rank-A Rank - 40000 words & questionary & criminal record (quest. will be sended by an ADMIN. You should do your criminal record since you exile, and save the links with the crimes).
A Rank-S Rank - Exile when Sannin/Kage & Have admin permition.

The words meant to be used in training, fighting or being a criminous. Everytime you use over then 500 words in anything refered befor, you should send the nunber of words, the link and the text in a spoiler to an ADMIN. IN training you cant post more them 1500 word per day.

Criminal Record
Just rolle play describing crimes, save it in your record file and send the post to an admin with the crime. He will decide how many words it is worthed. The avaluation values will be: the crime, the number of words and the quallity of the post.
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