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Game Rules

Post  Hyoukay Sochyro on Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:53 am

. Do not insult other players;
. Do not spam;
. Thing like porn, racism, etc... are extremely forbidden and the user who does that will be instant banned;
. Just to have a little of organization and facility to find your character, I ask that you register with the name you want. If you want to change, contact an admin;
. It's extremely forbidden to copy the things on the forum without authorization. The one who do that will have an instant perma ban;
. Whoever wants to start like a missing ninja, will be the rank he has. Who register and wants to be a missing ninja will be an academy student, missing ninja;
. The natural clans of a certain village, can not appear in other villages. For example: It can't have Uchihas in Kiri, like it can't have Kaguyas in Konoha.
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