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Ninja Weapons Shop

Post  Hyoukay Sochyro on Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:17 pm

Here you can buy any weapon you want. You can buy, too, the right to create a custom weapon for yourself. Obviously that will cost more then any of the other items.

Senbon - 5 Yien
Makibishi - 7 Yien
Shuriken - 10 Yien
Kunai - 15 Yien
Fuuma Shuriken - 75 Yien
Katana - 100 Yien
Zanza - 200 Yien
Custom Weapon Pass (CWP) - 500 Yien

This money will go to an secret account. Has many you spend, more rich the country gets. You cant use weapons if you dont have them. WARNING: WHen you pay ONE time, you can use that weapon ONE time (only to senbon, makibishi, shuriken, kunai and fuuma shuriken), wich means that if you buy a kunai you only have that kunai to throw.
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