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Post  Hyoukai Hikaru on Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:22 pm

Here you can buy many items that will be usefull in battle and in your shinobi day-to-day.

Explosive Tags - 40 Yien
Smoke Bombs - 50 Yien
Flash Tags - 70 Yien
Ninja Rope (2 meters) - 60 Yiens
Soldier Pils - 150 Yiens
Custom Utility Item Pass(CUIP) 600 Yiens

This money will go to an secret account. Has many you spend, more rich the country gets. You cant use this items if you dont have them. WARNING: WHen you pay ONE item, you can use that item ONE time (only to explosive tags, smoke bombs, flash tags and soldier pills), wich means that if you buy a flash tag you only have that tag to use. When you spend ninja rope, the lenght that you used will make your rope lenght smaller thill you have none.
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