Ninja Ranks/ MIssions and stuff

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Ninja Ranks/ MIssions and stuff

Post  Hyoukai Hikaru on Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:26 pm

This is to explain some basics of the missions 'n stuff.

The missions in the ninja world are one of the better ways to earn money.

-E Rank- Simpler missions, like go to that house of place deliver simple things and help in the mails. Any ninja can do this without even be assigned to.
--Price: 20 - 50 Yien
---Rank needed: Any rank can do it

-D Rank- Missions still very simpler, but with a higer risk and variety. It goes from cleaning the garbage of the street to catch animals to deliver simple notes or mails from people from the village to familiars/friends who live outside the village.
--Price: 60 - 130 Yien
---Rank needed: Higher or equal to gennin and lower then High Chuunin

-C Rank- Missions with a higher risk than D's and realy harder then any other. It goes from protect important persons, to spy small troops to go outside the village and deliver important notes.
--Price: 150 - 300 Yien
---Rank needed: Higher or equal then High Gennin and lower then Jounin

-B Rank- Missions too much hard to gennins of even normal chuunins. The risk level's really high. It goes from killing criminals, to kill people, to spy intire villages when in war times.
--Price: 500-1000 Yien
---Rank needed: High Chuunin+

-A Rank- MIssions too much dangerous to most of the jounins. Normaly it envolves secrets that can make war, spying, hunting of killing most dangerous criminals, destroying parts of villages, etc...
--Price: 1500 - 3000 Yien
---Rank needed: Jounin+

-S Rank- This missions are so dangerous that they even can profetize the future of a village.
--Price: 3500+ Yien
---Rank Needed: ANBU +


Hunting, giving information or kill criminals are a really dangerous but even so good way to earn money in this RPG

-E Rank- No big deal.
--Price: 45 - 70 Yien

-D Rank- A bit harder, but these criminals are still too weak
--Price: 150 - 400 Yien

-C Rank: This ones are dangerous. Take care if you want to face them
--Price: 600- 1600 Yien

-B Rank: This ones are stronger then most jounins. Be really alert.
-- Price: 2000- 4000 Yien

-A Rank: If you are lower then ANBU, this is suecide for you...
--Price: 5000 - 8000 Yien

-S Rank: Normally only kages are stronger.
--Price: 10000+ Yien


Ninja Ranks:
Here you can see the normal Ninja Ranks

- ONLY go to the academy and go around the village.

- Start to make missions, friends and get in your team.
Chakra: 25/50
Stamina: 25/50

High Gennin:
- A Gennin with very missions and/or failed the chuunin exam
Chakra: 30/60
Stamina: 30/60

- After pass the exam, you can continue under your sensei and/or get your own team
Chakra: 40/80
Stamina: 40/80

High Chuunin
- ALmost Jounin, but you still got to fight some more time for that spot.
Chakra: 45/90
Stamina: 45/90

- If you arent a Kage's student, you can either exile or become ANBU
Chakra: 60/120
Stamina: 60/120

- This is the farest you can go IF you arent a kage's student.
Chakra: 75/150
Stamina: 75/150

- IF you are a kage's student AND already were ANBU AND Sensei, you can become Sannin if you wich (Only 3 by village[when one die/runs/exiles/goes learn some tipe of ninja arts/leaves the village, another new shinobi can take his place])
Chakra: 85/170
Stamina: 85/170

- Higher you can go in the whole RPG. Only a few achieve this place.
Chakra: 100/200
Stamina: 100/200

Note: Chakra/Stamina can reach (by now) the double of the original amount. For that you have to buy chakra/stamina cards (wich costs Yien and can only be bought at the right stores[there are REALY FEW stores of this]).
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