The Uzunirah Clan Jutsus/Techniques[WIP](Work In Progress)

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The Uzunirah Clan Jutsus/Techniques[WIP](Work In Progress)

Post  Sango Uzunirah on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:18 pm

C-Rank Jutsus/Techniques
Odachi Stage - Initial Stage/Shikaze(Initial Wind Release): The stage attained once knowing the name of his or hers Ōdachi. When the user says the name of his Ōdachi, the Ōdachi itself begins to glow a dim glow of white chakra. Seconds later, the Ōdachi itself begins to pulse. Each pulse travels through the user's body and increases his or hers speed, strength, senses, and manipulation of wind to a small extent as the battle progresses.
Risks: After use the user feels light-headedness and feels slightly tired afterwards.

B-Ranked Jutsus/Techniques
Odachi Stage - Mid Stage?/Final Stage?/Tenshikaze(Angelic Wind Release): The exceptionally skilled and experienced Uzunirah are known to achieve this stage. After activating the first stage, the user looks deep inside his or herself and must channel their chakra to it's very core. While doing this for the first time, the user must have extreme control, not letting go of the concentration and channeling of chakra for even a second or the whole process is broken and the user has to start over. Once the user's chakra is channeled and concentrated in the core at a certain high density, the user must close their eyes and travel by spirit to the core. Once at the core, the user's spiritual being would unite itself with it and the concentrated chakra would be released, sending a sensational surge through the user's body and through the Ōdachi itself. The Ōdachi begins to grow brightly and slowly takes a new, powerful form. The user his or herself is also changed. Their speed, strength, senses, and manipulation have risen to an exceptional level. Once succesfully attained, this stage would be second-nature to the user, not being difficult like the first time.
Risks: The same risks from the first kai release are applied but there is a greater extent. The user also has a limit when using this form, 5 hours at most, If the user exceeds this limit however they're in danger of shortening their lifespan.

Kaze no Kizu(Scar of the Wind): An exclusive Uzunirah jutsu. This attack is accomplished by finding the fissure or scar between colliding chakra winds of the Odachi's wielder and the opposing combatant. Once the wind scar is found, the wielder of the Odachi can swing the sword into the scar, which releases a powerful energy wave that has the strength to tear through and ravage anything within a one mile radius.

A-Ranked Jutsus/Techniques
Kongōsōha(Diamond Spear Wave): The attack where the blade of the Odachi pulsates and slowly forms into a whole blade of fragmented diamonds. When the sword is whipped into an attack, many shards of spear-like diamonds shoot out with the ability to penetrate any armor or barrier.

S-Ranked Jutsus/Techniques
Final Stage?/Shinikaze(Death Wind Release): This stage is legendary and little is known about it. Though there's no record of any actual Uzunirah attaining this state, there are legends and myths that reference it in the Old Uzunirah Clan books. Legend has it,

"Only those of opened hearts, those who travel the path of tears without fear, those pure with the blood of atleast one of the given, could walk the path of the Kais, and forever wield the newly found Blade of Judgement to smite his adversaries."

Risks: Though not proven to exist, historians and scholars have debated and predicted on the risks of such an enormously powered state. They estimate that the longest time available to maintain the form without having the user's body in a life shortening state is 1 hour at most. Maybe even less. Unfortunately, the risks doesn't stop there. If time limit is exceeded, the user's chakra system may become eratic and if it gets out of control too much, the body of the user may shut down, resulting in death. And there's one more and though this risk doesn't involve death, the user faces the possibility of losing something more meaningful. His/hers identity. During the moments when the user exceeds the limit and his/her chakra begins to become eratic, there hold on their Ōdachi begins to weaken. If this continues, the user faces the possibility of losing their very own the spirit of their very own Ōdachi.

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