Yien - For what and How

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Yien - For what and How

Post  Hyoukai Hikaru on Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:02 pm

In this game, he have a money system. You can and should to use money to buy weapons and utility items. Those weapons/items' price will with the ninja stores shops. This money can be used to buy Chakra and Stamina, in the proper shops too. There are three ways to win money:

1 - Training:
Here you gain diferents amounts of money, considering how many words you write in each training. You must send PM to an admin with the quanty you believe you'll gain, the link of the topic and your post in a spoiler. Then the money will be added to your profile. The proportion of money is 5/100 (5 Yien to 100 words). This is the hardest but mabe fastest way to earn money.

2 - Missions:
When your assigned to a mission, you and your team got to do it. When you finish, the sensei will analise the whole mission and give the money over as he wich. A kage will PM him with the amount that the misson gives and with the part he'll have to give to his students. He gives the money as he wishes, considering posts size or quality or number of posts. He can give more money to whoever the wishes, but if he's cheating, giving more money to the same student always, he will be dispromoted and the student banned.

3 - Hunting Criminals:
Everytime you hunt and/or kill a criminal (NPC obviously), you'll gain the bounty on his head. Even so, your posts quallity will going to be analysed, showing if you deserve the money. THe more high-ranked/dangerous the criminal is, the more you gain. Hunter-Nins gain a bonus over each bounty.
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