Auto-Hit and God-mode

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Auto-Hit and God-mode

Post  Hyoukay Sochyro on Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:39 pm

God Mode

God mode is a mode when a person enters in a "god" state, considering himself the strongest of the game, etc,etc. Whoever enters in that state could be penalized, or lose the battle because of having that attitude. God mode can be considered like for example, a Gennin killing a Kage, or a Gennin making chidoris and rasengans. Thats why it exist the rank rules, to limit the tecniques of everyone.

In a battle, God Mode can be considered when your opponent lets you in a almost dead situation, and from nothing, you gain powers and start to spank the other guy.


Making an attack that affect your opponent with success without giving him a chance to react. Auto-Hit, at least in this forum, it's not simply throwing a kunai. If you throw one and say: " The opponent gets out of the way but he still stays with a cut on his arm." Thats not Auto-Hit. But if you say: " I throw a kunai and it hits right in the forehead of the opponent". That is Auto-Hit. Here's another example of what is not Auto-Hit:" I use a earth barrier jutsu that locks the opponent that starts to take his air. End of the post" It could be considered like Auto-Hit, but the opponent has to invent a strategy to get out. Auto-Hit would be like this: " I make a earth barrier jutsu who locks the opponent, letting him unconscious, without air for a few minutes. Auto-Hit isn't what you do, it's what you let your opponent do.
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